Borislavova and Ivanov is a Bulgarian law firm offering high quality legal services to national and foreign clients in Bulgaria. Our team has proven professional qualities and additional qualifications in the fields of commercial law, accounting, and entrepreneurship, insurance, medical and tax law. We perceive our clients as partners - your success is our mission!

The information environment we are surrounded by allows us to trust the expertise of prominent specialists in various fields (expert accountants, bank specialists, public procurement and concessions specialists, tax experts, etc.), and our experience and our specializations in various fields. of the economy enable us to make workable decisions and effectively meet the needs of our customers.

Our team consists of specialists who will approach with all their energy to solve your case. In addition to legal services, we also offer accounting services and consulting. We refer to the law, guided primarily by the needs of our customers. We strive to create conditions for honest and professional relationships based on trust.We are your partner of trust when you do business in Bulgaria or when you need help in your personal affairs.