Main Principles


Our law firm is focused on satisfying the requirements of our clients for legal services that have added value for them. We adhere to the chosen action plan and strictly adhere to the deadlines, and in case of unforeseen circumstances, they are discussed with our customers in order to be fully transparent in our relationship and at any time we are available to answer questions and to provide additional clarifications.


We take each case personally and provide an individual action plan tailored to your goals, while trying to be as effective as possible. We strive to eliminate legal risk in your personal or business relationships, so we offer strategic solutions to ensure your legal certainty in the long run. We work with a wide range of professionals in various fields - registered auditors, accountants, business consultants, notaries, and private bailiffs, specialists in the field of public procurement, concessions and banking.


The very essence of our work is to help our clients and protect their interests. Loyalty means that we make every effort to achieve it. According to the provision of art. 45 of the Advocacy Act, the lawyer is obliged to keep the secret of his client without time limit. At the same time, we have an internal code of ethics that we apply in our work.


We use all modern methods of communication. Even if you are not based in Sofia or even Bulgaria, do not hesitate to contact us, because we also work remotely. We try to reduce unnecessary paperwork and not make you put in more effort than necessary, because this can be a waste of time, and we are well aware of how valuable time is. We value communication and realize that it is paramount to the success of our work. Responsiveness, honesty, respect and quick and timely responses are our basic principles in communicating with clients, but also in our internal communication.


We are constantly challenging ourselves in order to grow and improve. We are open to ideas and feedback that would improve the workflow and the services we offer. This is our culture. Our team has diverse experience, which allows us to more easily understand the needs of our clients and get into their shoes. We strive to create a new type of law firm with efficient work processes, incorporating as much as possible the conveniences offered by technology. The processes we use in our work are transparent and open to the client. True innovation is rooted in understanding the specific needs of each customer.


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