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Why Bulgaria is the BEST PLACE TO DO BUSINESS?

START your company in Bulgaria now.

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We offer COMPANY FORMATION and INCORPORATION and then we can take care of your accounting.

Here I’m going to tell you all the benefits Bulgaria has for a good and prospective business. REGISTER YOUR COMPANY now and take advantage of all the benefits the country has to offer.

First of all, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union (=EU) and you can have ACCESS TO THE EUROPEAN MARKET and enjoy FREE TRADE.

There is no duty tax if you sell products to other companies within the European Union.

You do not need to add VAT on the invoices you issue to your European clients or to clients based outside of the EU.

Bulgaria has THE LOWEST COMPANY TAX. It's just 10% on the profit of your company.


The social security costs are one of the lowest in the European Union. This means the investor can benefit much more from his business compared to the other countries, where the taxes are much higher.

The next benefit is the human resources. Bulgaria has a population of over 7 million people and big portion of the SKILLED WORKERS and professionals are based in the capital, Sofia, which is the largest city in the country.

The Bulgarians are WELL EDUCATED and have the potential of showing HIGH PRODUCTIVITY. The AVERAGE WAGE IS MUCH LOWER than most of the other EU countries, but at the same time the labour force is highly efficient and skilled.

The capital amount of your company can be just 2 euro. We shouldn’t also forget that Bulgaria has a well-developed STARTUP ECOSYSTEM. Here the investors can find not only a good environment for their company, but beautiful landscapes for their souls as well.

In Bulgaria you can start not only a brand new business, but a brand new life for yourself. Who knows?



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