Notification of food supplements in Bulgaria

Notification of food supplements in Bulgaria

Nowadays food supplements are getting very popular across the world. People are getting more focused on their health and food supplements are an easy way to maintain healthъ lifestyle. The global market of food supplements is is expanding and new markets are attractive for producers and distributors of food supplements. Every business will gain profit if it sells its products in Bulgaria, but the notification of food supplements in Bulgaria is a must.

Why should you sell your food supplements in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and thus part of the common European market. This means that you can sell your goods and services across the whole of the EU and the European Economic Zone without duty tax and other restrictions.

Bulgaria is also member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which is known as the club of rich countries. The population of the country is 7 million people and standard of living increases every year. Healthy lifestyle becomes internal part of the everyday life.

So, if you would like to expand your market share by adding Bulgaria as one of your markets for food supplements you should register your food supplements in Bulgaria. Your company can be based anywhere in the world and you are more than welcome to sell your products in Bulgaria.

What is notification of food supplements in Bulgaria?

Our law firm provides the service of registration of food supplements in Bulgaria. After the procedure is done you can sell your goods legally in Bulgaria. It’s a mandatory requirement before you start offering your products. The responsible authority for food supplements is the Bulgarian Food and Safety Agency where all food supplements should be registered. The Agency maintains public registry of all registered food supplements.

If you want to sell your food supplements in Bulgaria you should hire a warehouse or a storage place as it is a mandatory requirement by the law. You can find a warehouse or a storage place by yourself or we can help you by recommending such. Your food supplements should meet the EU safety regulations and should not contain forbidden substances. You need to provide a label in Bulgarian language as per the Bulgarian legislation, but it is something that we take care of.

By using our services you save money and time, because we are very experience and since we are lawyers there is no need for difficult and time consuming procedures such as notarization and legalization of documents. The procedure can be done entirely from a distance and online.

If you would like to go through notification of food supplements in Bulgaria feel free to contact us for an offer.

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